Saturday, November 15, 2008

dear lizzie,

you sure are cute. we like you a lot. you like to steal our food and you go crazy for candy. don't tell your parents i sneak it to you so you'll like me best.

you know lots of animal noises and you like to tickle us. your scary roar is getting pretty good too.

you have pretty cute parents (mostly your mom). 
you're nice to most people. you like your dad a lot, but i think you like grandpa more. probably because he lets you drink dr. pepper.
sometimes you can be a little sassy, but it's usually funny, so we forgive you. except that one time i was trying to change your diaper and you were being a little stinker (literally). trust me liz, neither of us wanted to be there.
sometimes you get really confused. like you'll kiss my feet because i tell you thank you and you think it makes me happy. or you think car keys are q-tips and try to clean your ears with them. it's funny.
pretty much, we think you're the coolest.
love you lots girlfriend girlfriend,
auntie jana

p.s. i'll spread the word that for christmas you would like a baby brother, just like you told me.

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