Tuesday, October 21, 2008

dear alameda creek trail,

you and i have been quite the running duo recently. i know that sometimes i stand you up, but i'm trying to be more consistent. and you should know that i fully appreciate the fact that i can always count on you to be there waiting for me. as we met up yesterday for our 6:00 date, i found myself thinking of various letters that i could send out into the universe. this was probably a means of distracting me from the searing pain in my feet (see second letter below). anyway, these letters looked something like this:

dear cute boy on the bike,
you totally checked me out, i could tell. you can say hi next time - i'm nice, i promise.

dear tennis shoes,
thanks for the year of service, but you're starting to lose your edge and should probably be replaced. we've had a good run (no pun intended), but i think it's time to transfer you to the "old shoes I can wear and get dirty" department. don't hate me for trading you in for a newer, sleeker model, but if i postponed our parting any longer i might end up with some serious foot/ankle injuries.

dear man that gave me the running thumbs-up,
you're probably about 35 years older than me and could smoke me on the track (hands down), but i appreciate the support.

dear cute lady walking buddies,
you're cute, and i'm jealous. my running buddy moved to San Francisco, boo.

dear old indian man that scratched his butt,
that was gross... and incredibly awkward.

dear chicken quesadilla that is calling my name from home,
i'm coming! 3. more. miles...

well, trail, that's all. i just wanted to give you a little shout out so you would feel the love.
see you tonight. i'll wear something special, just for you.

love always,

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Kristine L. October 29, 2008 at 10:14 AM  

Hey Jana!

I didn't know that you had a blog, but don't worry, I checked it out and I LOVE your pictures! I didn't even know that you were into photography... but you are very good at it!

Isn't wanting a house the worst? I just can't get over it and just want one right now. The end.