Monday, March 15, 2010

ch ch changes..

Photo 304

confession: i get excited very easily. sometimes my excitement can be excessive.

for example, i've stayed up past 3am the last 4 nights in a row working on a project that i'm super super excited about. probably excessive.

want to know what project has justified me sleeping 4-5 hours a night?

i can't tell you. it's a secret.

ok, just kidding. i'll tell you.

it's a new blog and website! a REAL website!

phew. it's so good to not have to hold that inside any longer.

why a new blog, you ask?

well, for a while now i've been debating having a separate blog for just my photography and painting. a more professional looking blog. because professional looking blogs obviously make you more of a professional. BUT... i just haven't wanted to. i don't want to post on two blogs. i don't want people to only check one blog and not the other. so i came up with a better solution.

a new blog in general. a new domain name and a new layout. it's clean and organized and the perfect blend of personality + professional. the boy and his awesome roommate have spent SO much time helping me get everything together and work out all the kinks - they have honestly been so great i can't even tell you.

i really wanted to have the new and improved blog up today, but it needs just a little more fine tuning. so it's looking more like tomorrow or wednesday. and as soon as it's up and running, i will answer all of your wonderful questions and pick a winner! so if you still want to ask a question - you have another day or two! (ps. reading through your questions has been SO so fun. i can't wait to share some of my answers). the website will probably be another week or so, but the simple fact that i have my own website is so exciting to me it's almost nerdy.

in other news:
i whipped up an AMAZING new recipe yesterday with the help of the boy's roommate - justin. in fact, we spent over 2 hours cooking + taking amazing photos of our little creation. not only are these two guys fabulous and making websites, but they are also excellent at letting their tummies rumble and waiting to eat for the sake of photography and my blog. not to mention rearranging tables and holding lights/reflectors for the sake of my photography as well. i can not say enough good things about them - mostly the boy. he's my favorite.

i woke up early today. and i went jogging. i almost died. oh utah air, please get warmer! i'm out of shape and you being so cold just makes it harder! but i do feel very accomplished/slightly liberated.

do you ever look forward to certain activities that you start counting down hours? i'm going to play tennis with the boy and then eat leftovers on his lunch break. 3 hours. so excited.

in fact, we made calendars yesterday. calendars and schedules and checklists. he showed me how to use google calendars (amazing) because he's good with computers. i drew our schedules for the week on binder paper, color coded them, and taped his to the fridge because i'm good with drawing and color coding. we were seriously sitting at the kitchen table at 11pm last night, laptops out, making schedules. i should have taken a picture. 

i miss my nieces and nephews. they are getting so big and cute and i can't stand that i live 800 miles away from them. (some of them live even farther away, actually).

ok, well this has turned into rambling and brain dumping so i'll stop now.

but keep an eye out for the debut of my new + improved blog - can't wait to show you!


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. . . March 15, 2010 at 11:13 AM  

SO excited! We can't wait. Me mostly :) Harli and I miss you terribly. We think we might have to come back to Provo again, real soon. SO excited and happy for you. Love you lots. M & H

Kristin Ann March 15, 2010 at 3:14 PM  

is that my shirt?
i love the new website p.s.

Anonymous March 16, 2010 at 4:06 PM  

i'm esssited for the new site. i'm pretty sure you used to run to victoria's secret when we worked there.. yes?