Monday, March 8, 2010

monday brain dump.


long weekend. 

my body hurts. 

friday, alexandra (the roommate) and i drove up to play cards and make pizzas with the boy and his roommate. she had never been up there with me before, and it was kind of fun for her to see a part of my life that she has definitely been missing out on. the pizzas were completely homemade and delicious. and i was so glad that alexandra is just as competitive as me when it comes to silly card games.

saturday, the boy and i decided to play tennis. i used to play tennis all the time in high school, and we've been talking about playing forever. let me just tell you, that i have not worked out in close to 2 months. and that is why my body hurts. yes, i am a sissy.

sunday, we made dinner for a friend of the boy that just had their first baby about a month ago. i made pioneer woman's macaroni + cheese but was not too impressed - no offense pioneer woman, don't hate me. i actually really liked it before it was baked, so i have this awesome idea to make it just how i like it. i'm kind of dying to try it again this week, just a little bit tweaked - so stay tuned.

besides that, i should be studying for my biology test that i have to take today. and as soon as i'm done with class, i'm taking the boy to the bean museum on campus for a nature photography exhibit. i'm terrible at taking photos of nature, and he loves it, so it will be a good experience for both of us. the picture above is the best i can do with landscapes. my bad. i'm a portrait kind of photographer.

so i'm having these struggles with my blog. i've been wanting to do a makeover for a while now. i want it to be personal, but i want it to look professional, and well, i struggle. everyone says to just have 2 separate blogs, but i just don't want to. is that silly of me? is separate better? hmmm. choices, choices.

i've been having other struggles too. with babies. everyone is getting to have babies lately. except me. (i realize that i have to be married first, but we are just going to overlook that for the sake of this argument). until now, it has never been that bad. i just figured that as long as my sister-in-laws kept the babies coming, it would hold me over until i could have babies of my own. only, it doesn't work out like that when the babies are 800 miles away! and boys just don't understand that there is a difference between meeting a baby as a newborn, and meeting them as a 4 month old. it's like they are a completely different person by then. am i the only one who thinks this way? i actually know i'm not, i just wish that there was a way for me to describe it in a more logical manner - boys understand logic.

i need a kitchen with windows. for picture-taking purposes.

i cook in my boyfriend's kitchen a lot, for a few reasons. one, he lives in a super nice condo with granite countertops and it's just a pretty kitchen to cook in. two, he only has one roommate (usually i'm cooking for the 3 of us) so i don't have to worry about being in anybody's way. and three, if his roommate is home - he knows more about cooking than i do. honestly. it's awesome. he taught me how to make bread. he told me the scientific reason behind why i don't like baked macaroni + cheese, and he's even taught me how to properly disinfect the kitchen. his name is justin (the friend/roommate), and i told him that i'm taking him with me when i get to register for wedding gifts because i think he knows more about pans than anyone i know. that justin is a good friend to have around.

they have caffeine-free diet coke at crest. they actually have it everywhere in utah. i had no idea. it tastes almost exactly the same. mom, you would be so proud.

well that's enough for today.

oh, but i would like your input on the blog thing. and the baby thing. like i said, i struggle.


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Erin March 8, 2010 at 4:36 PM  

I often feel sad that I don't have babies of my own yet too! I love children! I have a whole Rubbermaid bin full of cute clothes and blankets and stuff that I just...well needed for my babies!! I work as a nanny so helps take off the edge! But don't ever feel like you’re crazy for having the strong maternal thing’re NOT alone!!

Someday we'll marry Mr. Right and get to finally feel complete in our hearts with a wonderful man and our babies!! That's what I keep telling myself!


Alyssa March 8, 2010 at 11:29 PM  

As far as the blog goes, I would say combine your personal and professional joy together... At least until the professional end gets too big to handle, keep it simple, fresh, and combine both - that way potential customers get a view of you and your 'business'! :)

And I am on the same page when it comes to babies! I dream about my future children and plan out their lives in my head! I keep trying to remind myself that I want to wait for them because I want to be able to give them every opportunity and everything they need - so I'll finish school, make sure I've found the right guy (although I think I have), and get married - That way my future babies will have happy, educated, married, stable parents!

But don't feel alone! YOU'RE NOT! :)


Kristine L. March 9, 2010 at 8:07 AM  

Um, hi. My thoughts exactly on babies. It is kind of silly that I am so baby hungry when I could technically have a baby. Wouldn't you say?

But when I see a baby on TV, I almost want to weep because sometimes I want one so bad, it hurts. And I TOTALLY get what you are saying about the newborn baby thing. Newborns make me baby hungry like no other. Non-newborn babies...not as much.