Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 things.


1. if someone “tags” me to do something, i’ll always do it. i’m not sure why – partially because i'm usually bored and partially because i’ll probably feel guilty if i don’t. this picture was the fourth in my fourth album [tagged by kerri]. in case you're wondering what i'm wearing - it's a sweatshirt that's clearly too big for me tucked into red sweatpants. i'm sure my dad picked it out. but wasn’t i a cute little thing anyway?

2. the first time i kissed a boy, i kissed him on the belly button. i was 4 and kristin told me to.

3. if i could eat 3 regular meals in a day or the same amount of calories in cookies, most days i would go for the cookies.

4. i always thought i hated drawing people, until a couple weeks ago.

5. i like to practice my handwriting – i have since 6th grade [at least that’s as far back as I remember doing it]. really, in school I almost always write things out, even if we have the option to type them. i think that’s why I like making lists and writing letters so much too.

6. the security question for one of my passwords at work is “what is your spouse’s middle name?” i don’t have a spouse, but all of the other questions were lame. the funny thing is, i have about 10 passwords for different things at work, and this is the only one i’ve forgotten and had to call in to get it. when the lady asked my security question, i laughed.

7. i have a dream house. it has a red door, a white kitched, a jungle-themed nursery for the baby and it will have a neverland-themed playroom when the babies are older. those are actually the only things i care about in my dream house – someone else can pick the rest.

8. my cousin britney’s first word was jana. i know that’s not a fact about me, but i think it’s cool… and i don’t know what my first word was.

9. some days i think it might be cool to have 12 kids.

10. if I could have any job in the world right now i would be a high school teacher. seriously, 11th grade english + an art class.

11. i like to see midnight showings of movies. even if i have to go to work or school the next day, and even if it’s a movie i don’t really even care that much about seeing. if there’s a midnight showing, count me in.

12. speaking of movies, i like going to the theater to see movies way too much. i would rather spend money on a movie than clothes. it doesn’t really make sense, considering clothes last a lot longer, but it does explain my lack of a wardrobe.

13. i sleep at the hess house close to every night. i’m a sucker for sleepovers.

14. i’ve always wanted a good reason to punch someone in the face. i slapped my cousin, britney, once in 7th or 8th grade because she pulled my hair – that’s the closest i got.

15. i’m pretty sure my favorite kind of cookie is sister child’s super duper amazing sugar cookie. but they take me forever to make, and even longer to make pretty, so i only make them 3 times a year – valentine’s day, easter, and christmas.

16. i love to sleep. when i don’t have anything to do in the morning, i could easily sleep 12 hours.

17. with that being said, i am a serious night owl and can run on little or no sleep – i know it doesn’t really make sense. last night i stayed up past one in the morning. i have a pretty good feeling that this exact scene will occur lots of nights after I’m married:

husband: i’m going to bed
me: ok, i’ll be right up.

3 hours later – husband wakes up and walks in the room with sleepy eyes, staring at me incredulously as i’m doing something ridiculous for that time of night/morning
husband: seriously jana?
me: my bad.

britney and i were laughing pretty hard after i said this last night because it’s totally going to happen.

18. i now have 8,003 pictures in iphoto. i really need an external hard drive

19. sometimes, when nothing good is on the radio, i’ll pull my ipod out and listen to that instead [only one headphone, don’t worry – i’m a safe driver]. and sometimes if i don’t have my ipod with me, i’ll just sing whatever song i wish was on the radio.

20. and even though i’m not that talented of a singer, i like to choose which songs i would use for my american idol audition.

21. i am a sucker for reality tv. now i know the bachelor is probably partially staged, and it’s kind of not right to be kissing so many girls at the same time – but i still love it!!!! so much, in fact, that the other night i dreamt i was on the show and when my missionary’s mom heard, i lied and told her my cousin entered me to be funny. that was almost as good as the dream I had about will smith’s family coming over to watch general conference – it was a saturday session too. talk about some serious investigators… anyway, i hardly ever remember my dreams lately, so i think it’s hilarious when i actually do.

22. i have 25 folders on my desktop. my favorite is titled “weddings” – guess what’s inside.

23. i don’t pick favorites. no favorite movie, color, artist, flower. i’m too indecisive for favorites.

24. it drives me crazy when people add the letter s onto words that shouldn’t have it – mostly in regards to people’s last names, stores, and restaurants [ex. nordstroms, bajios...]. it’s like the equivalent of bad grammar to me. like when people say “i says” or “i seen”. ugh, i cringe slightly.

25. the application deadline for the art program at byu is february 15th. yikes – thank goodness for fedex. feel free to keep your fingers crossed for me.

[i already did this on facebook, but i felt like posting it here too - so  a lot of them are the same. feel free to play along!]

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Chelsi February 12, 2009 at 12:50 PM  

I love reading things about people! Funny thing is I just finished my "25 things" on facebook. then I went to check my blog and look what I found! haha

Chelsi February 12, 2009 at 12:51 PM  

Oh yeah and I tagged you for "8 things" on my blog...girl you have a lot to catch up on! JK

Kerri February 12, 2009 at 1:11 PM  

love it!! thanks for playing!

Natalie* February 12, 2009 at 1:31 PM  

24. 24. 24. 24. 24.

biggest pet peeve!

glad you did this!

thanks for reading!

love. love. love.

Melanie February 14, 2009 at 3:23 PM  

Jana- I'm a sucker for reality tv too. I love the bachelor this season- I always try to guess who he's going to end up with--- My guess is Jillian. Love American Idol too.