Monday, December 1, 2008

dear santa,

in case you are having a hard time deciding what to bring me, i thought i would give you a few suggestions. plus, i'm pretty sure my mom reads my blog, so maybe she'll get some ideas too.

1. a trip to disneyland. i've always wanted to see it snow on main street. who knows if i could get time off from work, though. maybe wait until next year.
2. a blackberry. seriously, i need a new phone and i think this one needs me too.
3. i still need some running shoes. i bought some a few weeks ago, but they're not that great for running long distances - i'm thinking i'll just wear them to the gym. plus, i'm digging this orange.
4. speaking of things i need for running, i'm hurting for some headphones. my current pair have horrible static. i'm hoping for something cute that will also stay in my ear, both important.

5. i could probably use a new straightener. the chi is good. plus, it's pink and proceeds go to a good cause.
6. did you know i wanted a guitar for my birthday? probably not, you're santa. anyway, i'm still thinking it would be fun to learn how to play one.

7. if not, i already have access to a piano, so maybe you could just bring me some piano lessons. my family would sure appreciate it. horribly slow church hymns = sounds of a mortuary.
8. i saw these monthly journals from pottery barn and i thought it was a super cute idea. maybe they would help with my resolution for writing in my journal every year that i never seem to keep up.
9. if all else fails santa, you can always just take me shopping. you can still wrap my presents and i promise i'll act surprised. let's go to palo alto so we can pick up some cupcakes from sprinkles. i hear they're heavenly.
well santa, hopefully this helps. thanks for listening.
happy happy holidays!

2 left some love.:

JulieD December 1, 2008 at 4:09 PM  

I love that boxed monthly journal set! So cute!

Kell & Anna December 2, 2008 at 11:32 AM  

Janabelle, I miss you! You better not concel your trip out here!!