Tuesday, December 23, 2008

on the ninth and tenth day of christmas...

i didn't have to work...

so i could set up for this party, and then recover from it.

since our freshman year in high school, i've put on the girls' annual christmas dinner - 7 years and counting.

me and liz might have stolen these branches from a neighbor's tree.tree[3]

after dinner, we took the pictures hanging from the trees and wrote our predictions for our friends this coming year. the plan is to read them all at the party next year and see if any come true. i haven't even peeked - i want them to be a surprise

i made these felt trees a few days ago to be additional table toppers, but there was no room on the table to put them! at least i have some sweet christmas decorations for next year.

and here are my lovely guests...

.. and of course, the traditional goofy picture.

the wheels in my head are already turning with ideas for next year - i can't wait!

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JulieD December 23, 2008 at 6:56 PM  

That looks like so much fun! I'm amazed that you've been able to do this every year for seven years! wow!