Monday, May 25, 2009

late night ramblings.

Photo 130

this picture makes me wonder why i ever cut bangs. oops.
[i'm wearing a sesame street t-shirt, in case you were wondering. way cool, right?]

it's 12:40. i really should be in bed. i might have stayed up past 5am at least 3 times this week. oops again. i might be sitting on my couch at the moment in a sports bra and running shorts and in dire need of a shower. [don't worry mom, no one can see me]. i might have gone on a 7 mile bike ride today, then played tennis for an hour, then ran 4 miles a little later. yeah, i'm surprised my legs are still attached.

i get to go home in less than a month. little sister's high school graduation, my 21st birthday, shooting my first wedding... it's going to be a fabulous trip.

sometimes utah can make you feel extremely self-defeated. really? i thought i was way cool and i have crazy good kickball skills so why doesn't that cute boy in my apartment complex just ask me out already? as fun as the dating scene can be, i'm a little over it. i would rather not have 5 different boys text me in the same day. i just want 1. [at the moment, there isn't 1 in particular that i would like it to be, in case you were wondering. i'm just starting to wish there was].

but on a less self-pitying note, i seriously love being back in utah most days. i love my roommate, and bike rides, and tennis, and dollar movies, and the fact that i just bought a season pass to the water slide park that is literally two steps away from my apartment. summer tan, here i come.

speaking of which, it is so depressing to drive to class and see everyone outside laying out, swimming, and playing beach volleyball. dang you college students that don't have to work or go to school in the summer! tomorrow you can find me outside studying for my sewing test. in my swimsuit.

i'm taking a sewing class this semester and will be showing you some of the sweet stuff i've made in the very near future. oh yeah, get excited. i love it, but this class is time consuming, let me tell you... the class itself is 12 hours a week, not to mention all the time i spend in open lab to get my stuff done. it's a good thing i don't have a boyfriend, because i would probably see the sewing machine more than i would see him. how's that for optimism?

i need to pull out my list of resolutions for the year, i'm slacking. i mostly want to work on the whole making real meals one. i eat quesadillas every day. sadly, i'm not complaining, but all i watch on tv is the food network and i have a growing list of recipes i want to try. i need to get on it.

i hardly ever watch tv. really. if i'm ever in front of the tv, i'm painting or eating. and it's the food network or the disney channel. BUT, the bachelorette started last week and i wish i had jillian's closet. and i love that so you think you can dance started last week, even though i missed the premier. except i wish kristin was here to watch me reenact all the routines like i usually do.

i really need to add some new awesome music to my playlist, but before i do, is the music annoying? you can tell me the truth, it's ok. i've been debating on deleting it, or at least making it not start automatically as to not annoy any of the fabulous people that find their way over to my little blog.

ok, i'm taking a shower and going to bed. i have a big day of pattern-cutting-out, studying, and sun-soaking  ahead of me.


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Rori Smith-Koch May 26, 2009 at 1:59 AM  

Hey there answer your music question...I love the music you chose..and think its great to have it start on its own.
I hope you have a great day of studying and tanning! Good luck on your test and I can't wait to see your creations.
Your workout(s) today sound just wonderful..I love to and often do that as well..speaking of which I am debating on going to work out at the gym right now...its 4am, I have yet to fall asleep, ugh.
well you have a great day and good luck!

Jenni May 27, 2009 at 12:25 PM  

dear jana: i miss you and i wish we still worked together (not at vicky's, but someplace better) and lived in the same city.
p.s. you are still very pretty, bangs or no bangs :)

pbjocrosby May 28, 2009 at 1:16 PM  

I love the music. I turn your blog on while I'm working on another screen and listen to your play list. I would be sad to see it gone. I also enjoy your blog. I wish we lived closer- I would love to see your re-enactment of the dances. Sounds fun!